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Stephanie has had a passion for photography since 2004. Her first camera was of course just a point and shoot, but she knew from that moment on that this was what she wanted to do.
Everything that Stephanie knows about photography she has learned on her own. Watching different videos on youtube, and googling any question she finds herself having while out in the field taking pictures.

Her passion started with taking landscape photographs. After she felt like she was finally taking amatuer pictures, she started taking portraits. Her little brother was her first model. Needing his senior pictures done was the perfect opportunity. Stephanie learned a lot in those few weeks of taking his pictures, and editing them. Again self teaching herself everything on photoshop.

Living in Alaska has given Stephanie the perfect opportunity to get out there and really challenge her skills. She hopes that you will contact her today to set up an appointment to get your portraits done!
  • 2 years experience with DSLR camera
  • Outdoor Portrait Photography
  • Currently Located in Anchorage, Alaska